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Fords are fantastic vehicles. With outstanding engineering, well-designed cabins, and long-term reliability, they're an excellent value. Many drivers love Ford because of these traits. If you're looking to purchase a used vehicle, visit Elkhorn Motors, Inc. With everything from sedans to SUVs to trucks, we have something for everyone. Let's explore what makes a used Ford such a great value.

Used Vehicles Are Great Deals

Used vehicles can be bought at a fraction of their original value. This is because cars rapidly depreciate when they're new. Auto insurance and registry fees will also be cheaper. You can either pocket the savings or get a lot of upgrades that you couldn't usually afford. For example, someone concerned about safety could get a lot of driver assistance technologies.

Due to advances in robotics and computers, modern used cars are far more reliable than their predecessors. Often they'll drive as good as new.

Top Ford Models

  • Expedition: This is a massive SUV with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. This is a great choice if space is a big priority for your family.
  • Explorer: With three rows of seats, this vehicle is an excellent people mover. It's excellent for both road trips and getting the groceries.
  • Fusion: The Fusion is Ford's family sedan. It's very affordably priced and is excellent for a family on a budget.
  • Mustang: The classic muscle car will turn heads with its stylish exterior. Performance enthusiasts should consider buying the Shelby edition.
  • F-150: This is America's favorite pickup truck. With an upgraded trim, the cabin resembles a European luxury vehicle.


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